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Hotel overview

Huy Hoang River Hotel  is a fine and prestigious, located in a central position in Hoi An Ancient Town,by the Thu Bon river. Huy Hoang River hotel is known as  the best place for relaxing in Hoi An with fresh-air and quiet. Look out from the hotel, the guests will enjoy the beautiful landscape, you can see many boats go up and down on the river carrying goods from the small villages to the market in the early morning or the guests  can discover how the fisher-man catch the fish with the fishing-net.
The Hotel building is in French style perfectly refurbished saving the charm of a traditional Vietnamese of end of XIX century combined with all the modern conformable, such as free WIFI connection in the common areas
 26 rooms with private bathroom, terrace on ground floor and 2th floors with River view, make Huy Hoang River Hotel one of the most typical Hoi An hotels.

 5 good reason to choose HUY HOANG RIVER Hotel:
1) Perfect location. Central but not in the middle of Hoi An Center area, Huy Hoang River Hotel is just walking distance from all the main  touristic places in Hoi An, It is in a very convenient location, close to trade centers, the post office, hospital and bank, so you can reach it easily by car or  can come to the Hotel by road or waterway.,
2) Breathtaking view. Huy Hoang River Hotel offers you something that no Hotels somewhere in Hoi An can't offer for you : a fantastic terrace with Thu Bon river view . You can sit and relax there with your drink admiring a wonderful panorama.
3) Excellent value for money. Huy Hoang River Hotel offers you a choice of different room types: Deluxe Suite River view, Deluxe room with larger window open and Standard with Double or twin beds,  Whichever you choose you will find high quality service and product at fair rates.
4) Hoi An Art and History. Hoi An Ancient Town is one of the historical Ancient Town in Viet Nam, is the world culture Heritage , a nice combination of innovation and traditional style. You can also enjoy a Sa Huynh museum near by the Hotel: The museum supplies plenty of information on the ancient people of Sa Huynh civilization, who were the first owners of the Hoi An trading port, having trading relationships with the people of China, India, and South East Asia.

5) Huy Hoang River Hotel will welcome you with utmost care and attention which are the outstanding marks of Hoianese hospitality.

 We are waiting for you at Huy Hoang River Hotel

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